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At Techscend, we're on a mission to transform businesses and individuals through the power of technology. Passionate for innovation, we provide comprehensive IT solutions that empower small to medium-sized businesses, sole traders, and consumers. Our story is one of growth, progress, and empowerment. With a focus on enabling businesses to thrive on the technology ladder, we offer a range of services tailored to meet each client's unique needs. From website development and email management to cutting-edge telephone solutions and expert tech support, we're committed to delivering reliable and efficient solutions that drive success. But our dedication extends beyond the business world. We also bring the same level of expertise to your homes, offering comprehensive home IT support, smart home solutions, and Wi-Fi setup. At Techscend, we believe in the potential of every business and individual to rise to new heights. Our experts are dedicated to guiding you on your technology journey, providing the tools and support you need to ascend and excel in today's tech-driven landscape. Join us as we embrace technology, empower growth, and reach new horizons together. Discover the endless possibilities with Techscend, where technology meets ascendency. Welcome to a world of innovation and progress. Welcome to Techscend.

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Thomas Siron

Founder & Director

Shannon Johnston

Digital Marketing & Sales Associate

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"Big thanks to Thomas Siron at Techscend for optimising my set up today. I now have one port for all my wires in a nice tidy docking station. A new webcam and keyboard and a full breakdown on how to change all the necessary settings when needed. I’m now more confident than ever providing my clients with the highest standard of remote coaching for my online personal training business. Thanks Techscend!"
Matt Cooper