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Desktop Managed Service

Our desktop managed service provides the simple IT support that you’ve been looking for.

An IT solution for small businesses everywhere, keeping systems up and running so that you can focus on what you do best.

Affordable IT service and expert technical support that’s tailored to your needs. Transforming your business through the power of technology.

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Your Trusted IT Partner

Managed Services

Remote Maintenance and Monitoring guarantee that your devices operate at their peak performance levels. No IT Department? No Problem - Our Service Desk is at your service!

With reliable support, you can concentrate on your business without the burden of technology management.

Software Licensing

Keep your Techspend in check! Techscend provides software licensing solutions across various vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe, and LastPass.

Take the hassle out of licensing and let us handle your software compliance needs.

Device Repair

From our specialised workshop in York, we have the expertise to repair nearly any device, whether it's an iPhone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

We provide convenient collection and return services via courier. For local customers, we go the extra mile by offering personal collection and redelivery once your devices are fixed!

Web Design

In today's digital age, establishing an online presence is indispensable. With our in-house team of WordPress and Shopify experts, you can swiftly launch your website.

Additionally, we provide a maintenance care plan for websites, enabling you to evenly distribute the cost of upkeep and updates throughout the year.


Customer Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it. Find out why we are the choice for customers accross the United Kingdom.

"Techscend provided exceptional service to me when I needed assistance configuring my SPF, DMARC, and DKIM records. I had tried to implement these settings myself but didn't do it correctly. If you need help making sure your emails are not going into the spam folder after the recent changes to bulk email sending rules, reach out to Techscend and they will have you sorted super quickly. I was impressed by his onboarding and speed of completion. Thanks Techscend, I'm sure I'll be calling you again."
Stuart Wedge
"Big thanks to Thomas Siron at Techscend for optimising my set up today. I now have one port for all my wires in a nice tidy docking station. A new webcam and keyboard and a full breakdown on how to change all the necessary settings when needed. I’m now more confident than ever providing my clients with the highest standard of remote coaching for my online personal training business. Thanks Techscend!"
Matt Cooper
"I called on Techscend when all the new email rules came into play at the start of the year. Not only did they sort everything out for me, but they taught me so much in a short space of time. I felt so reassured knowing everything on the backend was sorted and making sure my emails were actually getting into people's inboxes, not spam or promo folders. I love email marketing, but all that heavy tech stuff in the background is NOT my strength. If you need it fixed, Techscend is the team for you."
John McKie Copy
John McKie

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